manekeu ndoping

Manekeu Ndoping was born and raised in Limbe-Cameroon. She went to Saker Baptist College Limbe for high school and later moved to the United States where she currently resides. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and later a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. Her time in graduate school was the most transformational period of her life during which she was exposed to wide variety of population groups, each with different needs, abilities and challenging experiences. As an occupational therapist, she works with individuals with developmental disability, children of school age through junior-high, geriatric, veterans and the homeless. She believes that everyone has the right to be heard, cared and valued. She enjoys writing, reading books, research articles and inspirational stories. She loves singing, volunteering and spending time with nature and its beauty. She takes pride in education both formal and informal as well as helping others acquire knowledge. As a member of Hope4Children Cameroon team, Manekeu believes that every child anywhere should have access to quality education, - one that promotes life long learning and fosters global citizenship. As Maya Angelou once said “ If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love”,